Woza Moya

The Inspiring Leadership Trust has been involved with a great community NGO in South Africa, called Woza Moya. With the funds raised at our gala in 2016 we've been able to equip a container with a library and computers, and the Ofafa Valley now has access to books and computer based learning programmes.

200 children can now visit the brand new Youth Centre and get better education outcomes. We'd like to thank everyone involved for making this happen!

The needs of the Valley community are complex and multiple. This is a rural remote area, where 20,000 people live in the greatest poverty, and where HIV and alcohol abuse are prevalent. It's very common to see grand parents taking care of their grand children, because the parents passed away. Woza Moya recruits and train Community Care Givers to address these issues. The care these women display was so inspiring that we realised we wanted to do more!

We are now actively fundraising to provide the Valley with Community Care Givers. Do get in touch or go to our donate page if you’d like to support them!

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“—To mobilise influential and inspiring leaders for the positive empowerment of vulnerable women and young people in the most deprived areas of the world, for the advancement of all.”
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