Ndhiwa – Clean Drinking Water

In 2018, we were proud to develop a new partnership with Team Kenya. Working with the the Inspiring Leadership Trust invested for the completion of holistic school model for 3 primary schools in Ndhiwa, Western Kenya. We introduced a wide range of sustainable projects for the schools to increase enrolment for girls, improve attainment for all students, increase progression to secondary school and to create safe environments for girls in school and within their communities.

Primary schools in the region are significantly underfunded, and as such lack basic necessities, such as clean drinking water. Unfortunately, many of the children attending schools in Ndhiwa are full or partial orphans, or are living in extreme poverty, and their relatives or carers struggle to provide access to basic necessities at home. As a result, children are forced to walk long distances each day to collect dirty water from the river for consumption in school and at home, which has significant health implications for the family. The burden of collecting water often falls on girls, and can consume a large part of their day. As a result many girls are unable to attend school, and those who are able to attend are often too tired to concentrate in class.

We have introduced water harvesting systems for the schools, helping to significantly increase enrolment and academic attainment for girls. The introduction of clean drinking water in the schools will directly benefit 1,022 children attending the schools each year, and over 5,000 family members in the community who will have access to the water.





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