Ndhiwa, Western Kenya – Improved school facilities and resources

We are proud to have developed a new partnership with Team Kenya. We have invested in the development of a holistic school model for 3 primary schools in Ndhiwa, Western Kenya. We have introduced a wide range of sustainable projects for the schools to increase enrollment for girls, improving attainment for all students, increasing progression to secondary school and  creating safe environments for girls in school and within their communities.

Schools in Ndhiwa are drastically underfunded by the local government and lack adequate resources to create a conducive learning environment. Many of the schools do not have windows, doors, desks, blackboards, or concrete floors, and very few schools have adequate teaching and learning resources to enable teachers to deliver lessons effectively. Some schools in the region have dangerous dilapidated learning spaces, which are unsafe for children to learn in.

Working with the school committee to identify needs and provide facilities, structures and resources to help create a positive learning environment so that students are able to reach their potential, progress through the education system, and secure employment. It is vital that we carry out this work to ensure that the girls that we are supporting to access education are able to access the best possible quality of education to help them reach their potential. The ILT's support is enabling the refurbishment of four classrooms; including plastering, painting, providing new doors for eight classrooms; provide desks for two schools; and provide more teaching and learning resources for two of our partners.Expected outcomes

We expect this investment to support continued growth in the number of girls that complete primary school and achieve the grades necessary to progress with their education. Our work with the female guardians of the most vulnerable girls in school ensures that mothers and guardians are able to increase their income in a sustainable way so that they can fund their daughters’ progression through secondary and tertiary education. We continue to collaborate with Team Kenya to monitor the number of girls completing school at each of our partner schools and their academic performance and progression through the education system. Through mentoring and ongoing support beyond the education system we will be able to track how this relates to employability in the longer term.

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“—To mobilise influential and inspiring leaders for the positive empowerment of vulnerable women and young people in the most deprived areas of the world, for the advancement of all.”
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