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In 2018, we were proud to develop a new partnership with Team Kenya. Working with the the Inspiring Leadership Trust invested for the completion of holistic school model for 3 primary schools in Ndhiwa, Western Kenya. We introduced a wide range of sustainable projects for the schools to increase enrolment for girls, improve attainment for all students, increase progression to secondary school and to create safe environments for girls in school and within their communities.

The School Business Farm’s are developed on school land, with the initial investment being used to clear and plough the land and plant the first round of crops and provide fertiliser. The schools work on a combination of short-term (e.g. maize, beans and ground-nuts), medium-term (e.g. tissue-culture bananas & fruit trees) and long-term crops (e.g. grevillea robusta trees). In addition, helping to invest in sheep, which are low maintenance and bring a high level of annual income through the sale of lambs for meat. The schools are advised by NCEDP’s agricultural field officer, Fridah Auka, who visits regularly, and also trains groups of local women, using the SBF as a demonstration farm. The ongoing work on the farms is carried out by the children from the school as part of their agriculture curriculum, under the supervision of a link teacher.

Produce from the SBF is sold in the local community and the income is used initially to purchase uniforms, shoes, sanitary pads and educational materials for the neediest girls, and to fund repairs and maintenance of water tanks. As income increases through longer term investments such as bananas and trees the schools are able to invest in renovations, new classrooms and resources for the school, which contributes to a more conducive learning environment for the girls that we are helping to access education. In addition, with all of the local families engaged in subsistence agriculture in these rural communities, the SBF enables young people and single mothers to learn how to increase their crop yield through climate-smart agricultural practice and develop viable agri-businesses. The ILT's support has enabled the introduction of two new school business farms which will directly benefit 1,022 children each year.

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