Inspiring Leadership Trust Awards – Award Categories

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Lifetime Achievement Award

These exemplary individuals are truly inspirational leaders, whose lifetime actions are making a significant contribution to business and the community as a whole. A role model to others, their selfless tenacity means that their positive work will leave a lasting legacy.

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Inspiring Public Figure Award

This Public figure has demonstrated true talent that is an inspiration to others. They are a role model leadership in that they go above and beyond the call of duty. They will have shown courage and inspiration, even in the face of adversity. Their selfless determination and passion is making a real difference to the lives of others.

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Inspiring CEO Award

This CEO has led a successful strategy that has inspired employees, customers and communities. They are trail-blazing ahead of other brands as the leader, not the follower of change. They ‘get’ business and they ‘get’ people for a powerful and inspirational mix! They see profitability as a net result of service and stewardship.

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Inspiring Leadership Award

This leader has a proven track record whilst demonstrating stand-out inspirational leadership that has compelled others to follow willingly. They are courageous in their leadership, living their life and work on purpose. They live the organisational values without compromise, even when the going gets tough, and the tough get going!

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Inspiring Future Leaders Award

This talented individual is definitely one to watch! Combining passion with ambition to achieve daring goals, whilst making a positive impact on the people around them. Their contributions stretch beyond what is expected, which sets them apart from others.

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