Inspiring Leadership Trust Gala 2018

ANNUAL CHARITY GALA & AWARDS CEREMONY29th November 2018, Goldsmiths’ Hall London

The Inspiring Leadership Trust’s Annual Charity Gala and Awards Ceremony, held at the historic and palatial Goldsmith’s Hall in London on the 29th November 2018, proved to be a spectacular evening. 180 VIP guests, included business executives and leaders from a wide range of businesses and sectors, gathered to celebrate the inspirational leadership talent from across the U.K. Hosted by ILT charity ambassador, Rosie Day, award winning actress and producer and entertained by renowned comedian and author, Mark Watson.

The purpose of the gala was two-fold:

Firstly, it was a celebration of the progress that the Inspiring Leadership Trust charity is making to help empower vulnerable women and their families in the UK and internationally. This was coupled a clear message for leaders to mobilise and work together, to use their skills, talents and resources by getting involved with the charity, helping them to achieve their ambitious goal of positively impact 100,000 lives by 2030.

We heard a deeply personal speech from Georgia (featured in photo), whose harrowing story of her past does not define the woman she is today. Her courage and inspirational words of personal empowerment drew a standing ovation – there was not a dry eye in the house!

Our CEO, Leigh Bowman-Perks’ call to action resulted in an unprecedented response from the audience, with one of our corporate guests committing to donating c. 200 used computers to support our education programmes each year! Leigh shared the reciprocal nature of the charity, where everyone gives and gains from their involvement. This has culminated in the launch of a new Inspiring Leadership Academy – a programme of free development delivered by leadership professionals, authors and speakers for our volunteers and partner organisations / charities.

Secondly, it was a recognition of inspiring leaders who are the trailblazers, role models and influencers that are making a significant contribution to their organisations and communities as a whole.

Inspiring Leadership Award Winners Announcement

The Inspiring Leadership Awards recognises business leaders for the positive, sustainable impact they have on their employees, organisations and communities as a whole. There are 8 components of the Inspiring Leadership CompassTM, and the winners have demonstrated they are part of an elite group where they consistent delivery across all components. We are pelased to announce the award winners as follows;

  1. Inspiring Public FigureMeg Mathews, Megs Menopause for her work opening the important taboo topic of menopause. Meg is helping thousands of women to thrive by understanding the symptoms and strategies for addressing issues such as anxiety, fitness, wellbeing and relationships.
  2. Inspiring Brand Initiative Bart Michels, Country Lead, CEO Europe and Chairman of the Inclusion and Diversity Board at Kantar. Bart role models inspirational leadership through his advocacy and support of diversity and equal rights. His influence has extended beyong the organisation, enabling the implementation of a large scale programme ‘What Women Want’ initiative changing societal attitudes in the Marketing and Advertising sector.
  3. Inspiring Diversity – Ana Jordan, Head of General Insurance and Protection Legal from Lloyds Banking Group, for her professional achievements and also her transformative work with the bank’s ‘Shaping our Future’ Programme
  4. Inspiring LeadershipKen van der Lely Head of Multi-Channel Development from HSBC, for her work to develop and promote diverse talent and contribution to the important programmes delivered by the Embrace Committee
  5. Inspiring Leadership TeamJane Barrett, Gita Singham and Gary Ashby from Cadence for building a successful start-up, achieveing fast paced growth with a profitable £12m turnover and unique culture to the management consulting world.
  6. Inspiring Future Leader – Kate Garbett, Strategic Brand Leader from Office Angels who received multiple nominations from different sources! A truly inspirational leader who is passionate about the success of the business and motivates others around her to achieve their full potential, helping them to succeed.
  7. Inspiring CEO Award – Tracie Pearce from HSBC as a role model to others for her professional success, performance across the business in driving results, as well as her advocacy and support of gender initiatives and career progression.
  8. Inspiring Lifetime Achievement – Esther Rantzen, British icon – broadcaster, author, philanthropist, campaigner, presenter, reporter. Esther was the driving force behind Childline, the confidential 24/7 service here for any young person with nowhere else to turn. Childline has counselled four million children, in twelve bases around the UK. The model has been copied in 150 countries around the world.

Many congratulations to the winners!

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