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Our charity one built with purpose and passion

Our founder and CEO, Leigh Bowman-Perks, is a businesswoman who is passionate about inspiring leadership.

Photo of Leigh Bowman-Perks
Leigh Bowman-Perks
Photo of Leigh Bowman-Perks
Leigh Bowman-Perks
Leigh draws on over 20 years of leadership experience in developing executives and leaders with global organisations. In her own business endeavours, she combines her own 8-point Inspiring Leadership model, leading coaching methods, and the latest research in neuroscience to create insight, support, and challenge leaders and top teams to make behavioural change and a positive impact. In 2015, she authored “Inspiring Women Leaders”, a highly personal insight into the minds of over 100 Inspiring Leaders from around the world.

As a coach, consultant, philanthropist, and author, Leigh considers herself to be fortunate today. Though, life was not always like this: she is also a survivor. It is through her own journey and experiences that Leigh has developed a particular passion for changing the landscape for developing women in leadership.

In response to her increased acknowledgement and understanding of the level of inequality for women and the rising gap in social mobility, Leigh realised she had a crucial role to play.

In her early life, Leigh learned that knowing our own talents and pursuing what we absolutely love, is paramount. With this, she also asserts the importance of having a source of inspiration and a role model. She believes that the support and guidance of a mentor can improve the wellbeing of vulnerable or disadvantaged women and girls, helping them to achieve personal ambitions. And so, the Inspiring Leadership Trust was born.

The ILT leverages resources and skills among business and leadership networks to make a positive and sustainable difference: inspiring girls, empowering women, and advancing communities around the world.

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Our Vision

"To mobilise an extensive network of talented business leaders to inspire and empower women and girls to achieve their full potential and drive social change."

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