About Us

All girls and women should have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Currently, too many girls and women face significant obstacles, across education, health, employment, and provision of care.

This is where we come in.
We collaborate with professionals, governments, and charitable partners, provide support programmes and lead projects to inspire, empower and advance girls and women around the world.

Gender disparities exist in every country. Girls and women face inequality at home, at work, and in public life. They face significant obstacles, across education, health, employment, and provision of care.

Gender should not determine different rights and opportunities.

We know that risks faced by girls and women diminish proportionally to their financial and personal independence. We know that reducing inequality can improve economies and stabilise communities around the world.

Our Vision

To inspire and empower girls and women around the world to achieve their full potential, leading to social change

Our Mission

Through leveraging the power of an influential business community, and collaborative partnerships, we provide world-class personal and career development, helping girls and women to achieve their ambitions and financial independence.

Our Values


The Latin word for inspired is ‘inspiritus’, which means ‘to breathe life into’.

It is our intention to bring this ethos to all of our endeavours, and inspire leadership in everyone who interacts with our charity.


We value positive, longlasting relationships with multi-agency partners and the business community.

We work together to understand and address issues, acting as allies and enablers for one another.


We are socially responsible. We operate with courage and integrity to provide services that lead to social change

The interests of our beneficiaries – and all of our stakeholders – are at the heart of everything we do.


We are contemporary and original in how we approach funding, resourcing and measurement, to maximise the scale of our impact – delivering sustainable outcomes.

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Our Vision

"To mobilise an extensive network of talented business leaders to inspire and empower women and girls to achieve their full potential and drive social change."

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